User Ranks

All users have ranks. Rank can be from 0 to 99. Guest has rank 0.

Ranks are used to define priority in communication and limit access to particular rooms.

Voice messages of the user with higher rank can suppress messages of users with lower to make sure that his message is heard.

Ranks may have names, e.g. "Marshal", "General", "Colonel", etc.

Ranks can be set by server administrator or by officers with according rights.

To have rank greater than 0 user should have account on a voice server. Such user accounts can be created by server administrator or by officers with according rights.

Along with ranks user can get certain rights e.g. create rooms, move or ban users, etc.

Officers and Administrators may create and apply ranks in "Administrator Settings" window.

If you are connected to the server as a guest and you want to administrate it - click in the main menu Server->Administrate, then enter administrator’s password.


Rooms of a voice server

Users of MyTeamVoice voice server may communicate in groups or in so called rooms. Each room may contain other nesting rooms.

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Window for text communication. Text chat supports private messages and sending messages to other rooms (groups).

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