Client Settings

Settings window allows changing user interface language, choose general principles of application behaviour, configure an input and output sound devices and much more.

To show "Settings" windows click on an icon on the control panel.


Selected option will be applied after pressing "OK" button in the Settings window.

Select language – changes localization of client application.

Launch at windows startup – client application will be lauched after each on each start and reboot of operating system.

Connect on start – client application will connect to the latest voice server.

Minimize to tray – if not selected client application remains on a task bar.

Minimize on close – on close client application will just by minimized.

Save passwords – client saves passwords of voice servers.

User last bindings preset name for each server – each time user changes a voice server client application will choose a bindings preset that were active since last connection to this particular server.


Here you may configure input and output media devices.

You may choose media devices from the according dropdown lists.

Current levels of input and output signals are displayed below drop down lists.

To test current level of output click the button "Test".

To change levels of input and output you may use according slides.

Moving slider to the right increases level, to the left decreases.

Option "Use fading"

If it is enabled, then client application will reduce other system sound each time you have incoming voice message from your teammate.

Slider "Fading ratio" sets level of fading. 0% - no sound fading, 100% - sound fades completely.

Push-to-Talk (PTT)

PTT function allows you to communicate like using walkie-talkie. You should hold PTT button before saying and release after.

To use PTT function you should press PTT hot key that set in this section.

By default hot key for PTT function is – "U".


VAD Settings

A section where you may adjust VAD. Set a noise / voice level..

To start press "Start adjusting", say several words and using slider set a level of overall noise (when you remain silent).


The major part of events in Client application can be displayed in chat or by specific sound.

Sound level of notifications can be set by top slider.

User may choose how events will be notified by Client application - by text in chat and / or by sound.

Blocked users

Each user may block other user of the voice server. Blocked user will not be able to send you any message.

All blocked users are listed here. User may delete block rule at any time.


You may change color of the text messages and chat background color.

Colors may be set to:

Change color of text messages

Click on the color rectangle.

In the appeared window choose a color.

Click "OK" button.


Show only speaking — option, that allows to see not only users who speak in your room, but also users who speak in all rooms which are listened.

Choosing overlay theme

Go to Client settings and choose "Overlay" section.

You may use one of the default overlay themes to fit overlay windows to your game environment.

If none of the themes fit you may create custom one basing on existing themes.

Transparency and color of the overlay windows can be changed by user.

Creating custom overlay theme

Go to Client settings and choose "Overlay" section.

Choose a theme to start creating a custom theme on its base.

Click the button "Clone".

Enter a name for the new theme.

After that you get tools for customization.


Changing windows position

All windows except Chat do not have fixed position and can be moved anywhere you like, even outside the main window.

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User types

MyTeamVoice voice servers support 3 types of users: Guest (a user who has guest password), Officer (a user created by administrator) and Administrator.

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