Sign in the MyTeamVoice account

Browse to the MyTeamVoice landing page http://myteamvoice.com.

Click on the text "Sign In" in the top right corner of the page.

You will be redirected to the sign in page.

Enter e-mail and password that you set during the registration.

Click on the button "Sign-In".

After that you will be redirected to your account page and particularly into "Server" section, where all your voice servers will be displayed.


Creating own MyTeamVoice custom voice server

Only own voice servers support full functionality of MyTeamVoice voice chat. Besides, on own voice server administrator has full control under server at its users.

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Connecting to the own voice server

Owner of a voice server may connect to it directly from administrator’s web page. Select a voice server from the list and click "Connect" button above the list.

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