Creating own MyTeamVoice custom voice server

Sign In to the MyTeamVoice Account.

In the "VOICE SERVERS" section click on the button "Create server".

In appeared form fill in server name, admin password and region, where a voice service should be located.

Click on the button "Create".

You will be redirected back to "VOICE SERVERS" page. If server’s state will remain not equal to "started" - refresh page.

The server will be ready when its "state" is changed to "started".

Admin Password – by setting this password in the PC Client Application user gets admin functions, which allow to create rooms, set ranks and rights of other users, limit access to the voice server and much more. Server Password – access password to the voice server for the guests. Expires in – time left till server become expired. Slots – show number of voice slots. Each user requires one slot. Codec – a type of the codec that encodes a voice. Required bandwidth is changes depending on codec type. Description – text field that may contain description of the voice server.


Connecting to the own voice server

Owner of a voice server may connect to it directly from administrator’s web page. Select a voice server from the list and click "Connect" button above the list.

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Changing parameters of the voice server

From administrator’s web page an owner of a voice server may change access passwords, server’s name, default voice codec, messages of the day and much more.

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