Anonymous feedback usage

Users may use MyTeamVoice feedback site without registration.

There are some limitations for anonymous users:
  • They cannot vote.
  • They should enter their name and e-mail each time they create new subject or comment existing one.

Making a new Subject

Before creating a new subject make sure that there is no similar subject already created.

To do so enter some key words related your subject. If there no anything similar – press "Add" button.

Enter your name and e-mail.

Choose section where your message will be placed.

Enter text of the subject and body.

Press button "Post".

Making a comment

Enter a subject you want to make a comment for.

Press button "Leave a comment".

It is in the bottom of the page.

Fill out form fields.

Press button "Post".


Contact Us Directly

If your question is related exclusively to your case and won’t be interesting to other MyTeamVoice users - use contact forms.

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Registering account

By registering on feedback site you automatically get access to the MyTeamVoice administrative page, where you may create and manage voice servers.

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