The main goal of feedback site is to make relationship between creators of MyTeamVoice service and users.

Here you may suggest ideas, ask questions both MyTeamVoice team and other users, report problems and leave feedback.

If you faced a problem it is highly likely that some on have already found solution. Please use search to find such topics.

For each possible feedback direction there is own site section. Use them properly. It will help other people find required information quicker and you will get reply faster.

Browse to the MyTeamVoice landing page http://myteamvoice.com

In the main menu (top right corner) choose item "Support".

On the "Feedback" page you will see next sections:

All – displays a list of all latest subjects sorted by date.

Ideas – a place where you may leave your ideas and suggestions related to MyTeamVoice service.

Questions – here you may ask any questions about voice chat MyTeamVoice.

Problems – if you faced with a problem while using our service - please do not hesitate to leave problem descriontion here.

Feedback – in case if on your oppinion some fuctions work not as they should or you think that a particular thing is annoying tell us about it in this section.

If you don’t want to make your message public use a link "Contact Us". In case you don’t have strong reasons to make your message private – please use our feedback site to report about problems, suggest ideas, etc. http://feedback.myteamvoice.com/


Contact Us Directly

If your question is related exclusively to your case and won’t be interesting to other MyTeamVoice users - use contact forms.

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Registering account

By registering on feedback site you automatically get access to the MyTeamVoice administrative page, where you may create and manage voice servers.

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