Administrator mode

Opening administrator settings

Click on the button "Admin Settings" on the control panel.

Managing users and their rights

Administrator is able to five some of his rights to other users. To do so you should create accounts for them first.

Adding a user

Cloning a user

Cloning feature made for fast creation user account with similar settings.

Editing a user

Removing a user

Setting a name to a rank

Rank name may contain only Latin letters, digits and symbols "-"and "_".

Changing a name of a rank

Deleting a name of a rank

Blocking a user

Editing a blocking rule

Deleting a blocking rule


Individual calls

Individual calls allows communicate with teammates directly, not bothering others, no matter which groups they are in.

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Listen rooms

Group listening allows localise communication inside one group but hear communications inside others, and if there is a need to speak to them using direct communication.

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