User types

For all major Client’s function you may set hot keys.

If window "Bindings" is not visible click main menu item "View" then "Bindings".

Set a hot key

Set alternative hot key

Please note: You may set as many hotkeys on the same function as you want. Client application do not have default hot keys to prevent collision with hot keys of the users’ games.

Number of different bindings set is not limited. E.g. you may create different sets for different games.

You may increase speed of creation new bindings sets by using "Clone" function.

To share your bindings you may export it to file and send it to your friends. After that they have to import it.

To switch between Bindings sets just choose another bindings set in the drop down list (left side of toolbar).

Smart PTT

Smart PTT function allows to user with higher rank (when needed) suppress communication of other players (with lower ranks) by own one.

Such feature is used to ensure the message was received by other users.

Smart PTT options:

If option "Mute others" is activated, then other users will be mute completely, otherwise the volume of their communication is reduced by half.

If option "Talk to sub rooms" is activated, then message will be received by each player in all sub rooms of your current room.

By default your massage will be received only by players in your room.

Smart PTT: Talk to rooms

This feature sends your message to rooms that you have selected. You may choose rooms in the column "Details".

Smart PTT: Talk to users

This feature sends your message to users that you have selected. You may choose users in the column "Details".



Shows your team structure and current state, provide essential controls of a voice service. Team has one single common text chat inside or outside of the game.

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Administrator mode

Creation of officers, ranks, set up message of the day for guests and officers and other administration function are available in "Administrator settings" window.

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