Changing windows position


All windows except Chat do not have fixed position and can be moved anywhere you like, even outside the main window.

Chat – is only fixed window that also do not have title.

Pin / Hide window

– folds window in

– folds window out

It is in the title of the window near button "х".

Move window

To move a window place mouse cursor on the title of the window.

Hold left mouse button and start dragging the window.

When markers of the window position appear move mouse cursor to one of it (without releasing left mouse button).

Color rectangle will show you future position of the window.

After you chose window position release left mouse button.

If you don’t want to dock window do not move cursor to the markers.


User types

MyTeamVoice voice servers support 3 types of users: Guest (a user who has guest password), Officer (a user created by administrator) and Administrator.

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Connection to the voice server

User can connect to MyTeamVoice voice servers in several ways. They slightly change depending on user types.

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