Chat – it is the place where you can talk with other players in text format.

By default your messages are shown to users of your room.

Ways to send message

There are three ways to send message to a particular room or user (that may not be in the same room with you).

Way 1 – from control panel

Press the button "Chat" (left side of the chat bottom bar).

Way 2 – from context menu

Way 3 – using commands

You may switch between users and rooms which you have already sent messages by clicking on their names in chat history.

In addition to common chat features the chat window also displays status messages of the client application.


Individual calls

Individual calls allows communicate with teammates directly, not bothering others, no matter which groups they are in.

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Listen rooms

Group listening allows localise communication inside one group but hear communications inside others, and if there is a need to speak to them using direct communication.

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