Individual calls

MyTeamVoice allows to users communicate between each other directly.

Individual call connects only two users.
Only one individual call can be active at one given moment, other calls are paused.

Start individual call

Way 1

Way 2

All individual calls are displayed in the window "Individual calls".

Managing individual calls

To begin individual call the user from another side should accept it by clicking "Accept call" in the "Individual calls" window.

- accept incoming call

- end or reject call

Комнату, которую вы прослушиваете, можно временно заглушить, а после вновь активировать.


Listen rooms

Group listening allows localise communication inside one group but hear communications inside others, and if there is a need to speak to them using direct communication.

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User may bind a hot key to major part of MyTeamVoice voice chat functions, to speed up and simplify usage of a voice chat.

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