User types

Guest – it is anonymous user of the voice server. He can move to any room there is no limitation for guests.

Guests can:

Officer – it is a user that has account on the voice server created by administrator. Administrator sets officers’ ranks and rights to create rooms, move or ban other users, etc.

Officers can:

Administrator - An owner of the voice server. Administrator has additional function to manage rooms and users on the voice server.

Information about how to connect to the voice server as guest, officer or administrator you may here: Connection to the voice server

During a process of a voice server creation it is need to enter two passwords. The first own for guests, the second own for himself (for further server administration).

Creation of officers, ranks, set up message of the day for guests and officers and other administration function are available in "Administrator settings" window.

If you are connected to the server as a guest and you want to administrate it - click in the main menu Server->Administrate, then enter administrator’s password.


Connection to the voice server

User can connect to MyTeamVoice voice servers in several ways. They slightly change depending on user types.

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User Ranks

All users (except Administrator) have ranks (from 0 to 99). Ranks are used to define priority in communication, limit access to particular rooms and more.

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